There are many different types of servos, and servo amplifiers out there, but a servomechanism is basically the same thing as a regular servo, just a more technical term for the device. But there are some differences between just a servo, and a servomechanism, a servo is attached to anything that can run a parameter, or a coordinate system, as in like some like the thermostat in your home.

A servomechanism is attached to mechanisms like the cruise control in most vehicles. The servomechanism does the exact same thing as the regular servo though, like in the cruise control in your vehicle if the speed starts to decrease, or increase then the servomechanism will tell the computer and tell it to re-adjust so that the speed that you set your cruise control on will go back to it.

The servo amplifier is basically what exactly the title says it is, its a amplifier for the servo that will amplify the signal that the servo is sending to whatever device or mechanism the servo is connected to. Many people use the servomechanism, and the servo amplifier on many different computer devices, and so forth to make sure if a problem does arise that the servo automatically correct the problem whatever it may be.

When people go out looking for servos, or a servomechanism many people may call it there are not really that many differences between companies that sell the servos. Many different companies sell servos, and with the servos most companies sell the servo amplifiers as well with the different types of servomechanisms that they sell. If your looking for a servo amplifier, or just a regular servo then the best place for you to go look would be the internet.

There are many different places out there on the internet like different wholesale stores and such that sale these different things like the servo, and the servo amplifier you just have to look around and do some shopping to find the one that is right for you and your budget, or the one that is right for the project your working on.